Lamar Bill Boards: The Pros and Cons

Lamar bill boards have been a profitable staple of the advertising industry for decades. They are highly visible, offer advertising opportunities to businesses of various sizes and allow advertisers to target specific audiences in different geographic areas. However, like any marketing option, there are a variety of potential pros and cons associated with Lamar bill boards.

This guide will provide an overview of the advantages and disadvantages associated with Lamar bill boards. It will discuss how these advertisements can help businesses reach their target markets and what potential challenges advertisers should consider when deciding whether or not to use these products for their business strategy.

Additionally, this guide will provide suggestions for improving the results of your Lamar bill board campaigns so you can achieve the maximum return on your advertising investment.

The History of Lamar Outdoor Advertising

Lamar Advertising Company ranks third in America as the largest billboard advertising company, behind Clear Channel Communications, Inc. and Outdoor Systems, Inc., which have larger networks and more assets than Lamar. Lamar is now the second-largest “pure-play” outdoor advertising company in the country after its recent acquisitions.
It manages approximately 71,000 billboards in 101 primary markets through two subsidiaries, Lamar Outdoor Advertising, and Lamar Transit Advertising. They also operate in 36 states. It also provides logo displays for restricted access highways, including federal Interstates, through Interstate Logos, Inc., a third subsidiary. These signs display information about food, fuel, and lodging at highway exits.
Lamar has also secured contracts in Canada’s Ontario Province and 18 of the 22 US states that permit private contractors to manufacture the signs. It is the main provider of these services in the United States. It also provides production and graphic design services to its customers.
Through its subsidiaries, Lamar has 94 outdoor advertising businesses. Its central management offices are located in Baton Rouge’s 53,500-square foot headquarters. However, each company’s managers have a lot of autonomy and can continue to manage the day-to-day operations. Lamar is a publicly traded company but it remains a family-owned business managed by third and fourth generations of the Reilly and Lamar families.
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Pros of Lamar Billboards

Lamar Billboards provide an affordable and effective way to advertise your business. They are often located in high traffic areas, allowing you to get maximum exposure. Additionally, they are highly visible, making them ideal for drawing attention to your business. Let’s explore into further details the pros of Lamar Billboards.


Billboards produced by Lamar Company enjoy high visibility and can be viewed both day and night, helping to increase a company’s visibility and presence. Billboards are extremely flexible and widely used by businesses of all sizes, small companies in particular benefit from billboards because they provide the chance to advertise products/services without having to commit to long term contracts that some other forms of advertising involve.

Advertisers using Lamar Company also have unlimited creative freedom when planning a billboard campaign, allowing them to create effective visuals that work with their message. When it comes to billboard locations, an advertiser has many options available in order to best suit the needs of its branding plan or promotional message.

The positioning of the billboard is key for advertisers wishing for maximum reach. A well placed Lamar billboard can capture passing traffic and pedestrians which will increase brand visibility over a short period of time.


Lamar Billboards are a cost-effective form of advertising. Significantly cheaper than other forms of media, Lamar’s effectiveness is far greater in comparison to any other form of advertising. Out-of-home (OOH) ads represent an investment that pays itself back quickly with lower costs and higher returns.

Acquiring a billboard gives businesses the opportunity to target their messaging and visuals directly to their customers at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional media formats.

Furthermore, Lamar does not require ongoing payment after the initial investment; there are no hidden costs such as production fees or external consultants. With Lamar, businesses are able to purchase advertisements as individual campaigns as well as longer-term commitments; both methods offer great value for money!

By opting for a longer term agreement, businesses are able to purchase a package that allows them greater flexibility with which billboard locations can be used at different times throughout the year.

Moreover, Lamar boasts excellent customer service and easily available support should you need any assistance or further guidance on running your campaign. Through digital tracking systems such as Vistar Media and programmatic buying solutions, filmmakers have access to real time analytics data that allow them to analyze their campaign results in order to optimize future executions and maximize ROI.


Lamar billboards offer a lot of advantages compared to other promotional opportunities. These include flexibility – with Lamar, you have the choice of either renting billboard space with ads that are changed periodically or renting the same space several times with the same ad. You can also select your own locations and target a specific demographic.

In addition to geographic targeting, you can tailor your message by choosing the right type of board and size in order to capture the attention of passers-by. Your creative options are also limitless – Lamar’s printing technology allows for full-color images on many boards, so you can think outside the box when designing an eye-catching campaign. Finally, a Lamar billboard’s visibility is really unbeatable – most people who drive by will take in your message in seconds.

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Cons of Lamar Bill boards

Lamar billboards are a common way of advertising, and they’re meant to be seen by thousands of people daily. Despite their popularity, they do have some drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks of Lamar billboards is their cost.

They cost more to rent and maintain than other forms of advertising, and in some cases may not be worth the cost. In addition to their cost, there are a few other cons of Lamar billboards that need to be considered. Let’s dive into those now.

Limited Reach

One potential downside of Lamar billboards is limited reach. Not all drivers are exposed to these boards, as the board may be located in an area where drivers avoid and no one sees the board. The sign’s visibility also depends on a motorist’s angle; and although this can be mitigated by utilizing a variety of boards within a given city or area, it still limits their actual effectiveness.

In certain metropolitan areas where space is limited, there might not be enough room to provide different paneling angles for all possible views. Likewise, particular landmark buildings might obscure views in some directions.

Permits and Regulations

When it comes to Lamar billboards, there are several permits and regulations that you should take into account. To legally place a billboard, you need to obtain the appropriate licenses and permits from local, state and/or federal authorities.

Depending on the exact location of your billboard, this can be a difficult process as there are many restrictions in place on where these signs can be displayed. In some cases, you may need to provide additional information or documentation to demonstrate compliance with different elements of local zoning ordinances.

Another factor to keep in mind is that any kind of non-static signage needs frequent maintenance checks and replacement of parts; the cost for hiring an experienced technician for this purpose can affect your budget over time. Taking into account Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations should also be a priority when placing Lamar billboards near airports due to potential visibility problems from planes at low altitude.

Additionally, any legal concerns such as consumer complaints about Lamar campaign imagery may require extra attention depending on state laws which govern outdoor advertising displays.

Environmental Impact

Lamar Billboards have become one of the most popular advertising tools, however, there are some environmental concerns associated with them. For starters, billboards require a large amount of energy to maintain. The bulbs used in them have to be changed frequently, and their particular type of plastic is not biodegradable.

In addition, these billboards need to be checked on regularly to make sure the lights are working correctly and customers can see the messages being displayed—which further uses up energy and resources.

Aside from the materials used in construction and maintenance, many cities see Lamar Billboards as eyesores that detract from their natural landscape. Some areas don’t even allow them since they can drastically change how beautifully scenic surroundings look in a short amount of time.

Along with this, local wildlife can be adversely affected if they become too close to these LED screen-covered sources of light pollution. Although advancements have been made towards creating eco-friendlier billboards such as solar powered models, these forms still don’t diminish their negative effects on the environment significantly enough for some critics.


In conclusion, after considering the pros and cons associated with Lamar Bill Boards, it is important to remember that they are ultimately decisions that must be made on a case-by-case basis. Factors such as location, customer base, desired customer engagement and of course budget, should all be taken into consideration before any billboard design is finalized.

Lamar billboards can be a wildly successful way to reach out to and engage your customers, but depending on the goals at hand and the type of message being conveyed, other methods may deliver even better results.

The choice to use or not use Lamar billboards is ultimately yours as only you know your company’s desired audience and goals. However no matter what medium you select for your advertising needs, with good planning these tactics can yield tremendous results in growing brand awareness and generating customer engagement.

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